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Open Day

18 June 2021 was an Open Day for the 5000genomi@VdA Project, during which the new laboratories of our CMP3VdA research centre welcomed delegates from Regional Institutions and journalists from the local press. The guests had the chance to visit the departments of Medical Genomics and Computational Genomics, and were able to meet all the representatives from project partners. The event included speeches by Regional Councillors Luigi Bertschy (Councillor for economic development, training and employment) and Roberto Barmasse (Councillor for Health and Social Policy), who were both present.

During the Open Day, the guests visited the 450 square metres of laboratories, and met some of the 40 people on the project’s staff, including the 18 FSE scholarship researchers. Special attention was dedicated to the state-of-the-art Illumina NovaSeq 6000 NGS genomic sequencer, the Hamilton Microstar Lab robot for sample preparation, and the various workstations essential for the creation of bioinformatic pipelines and the generation of AI and machine learning software.

Photo Gallery

Photo credits: V. delle Cave/IIT


Italian health uthorization n.7194 from 26/11/2021

Italian health accreditation n. 7137 from 22/11/2023